GDOU. German Digital Open University : Proposed forms of collaboration for digital higher education in Germany

This research report presents possible approaches for a potential collaboration between higher education institutions in the form of a German Digital Open University (GDOU). This concept of a GDOU incorporates various dimensions of digitalisation and is dedicated to opening up higher education (openness) as well as to the transfer of knowledge. Potential key strategic aspects of a GDOU range from strengthening social participation to improving the employability of individuals. The possible approaches for a GDOU were modelled based on desk research into existing networks within the field of digital higher education. This research was then used to create a typology for mapping existing digital higher education networks in Germany and beyond. In addition, interviews were conducted with experts from existing national and international networks. The results of the analysis were then validated with the help of representatives from German universities and colleges. The findings are intended to serve as inspiration for key actors within higher education as well as political stakeholders, in order to advance the concept of a GDOU and make it a reality. The research project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding priority on “Digital Higher Education” (Digitale Hochschulbildung).


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