BBoxDB Streams – Scalable Processing of Multi-Dimensional Data Streams

BBoxDB Streams is a distributed stream processing system, which allows the handling of multi-dimensional data. Multi-dimensional streams consist of n-dimensional elements, such as position data (e.g., two-dimensional positions of cars or three-dimensional positions of aircraft). The software is an enhancement of BBoxDB, a distributed key-bounding-box-value store that allows the handling of n-dimensional big data. BBoxDB Streams supports continuous range queries and continuous spatial joins; n-dimensional point and non-point data are supported. Operations in BBoxDB Streams are performed primarily on the bounding boxes of the data. With user-defined filters (UDFs), custom data formats can be decoded, and the bounding boxbased operations are refined (e.g., a UDF decodes and performs intersection tests on the real geometries of WKT encoded stream elements). A unique feature of BBoxDB Streams is the ability to perform continuous spatial joins between stream elements and previously stored multidimensional big data. For example, the dynamic position of a car can be efficiently joined with the static spatial data of a street network.


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