Enabling Digital Work in Organizations : Empirical Investigations of the Enterprise Social Media’s Introduction Process and Outcome Perspective

This doctoral thesis investigates the introduction of enterprise social media (ESM) platforms in the context of enabling digital work in organizations. Thereby, this thesis examines several research questions, such as (1) the relationship between an employee’s ESM use and the intended positive outcomes, (2) the role of organizational climate in the context of this relationship, (3) the difference of functional principles compared to old and more outdated information and communication technology (ICT), and (4) the process and activities of successfully introducing digital work and ESM platforms. In order to answer these questions, five separate but cumulative essays showcase the results of this dissertation by shedding light on different facets within the framework of the overall research project. This introductory essay provides an overview of this entire research project by highlighting the overall motivation, summarizing the foundations and research questions, showcasing the complete research process, and outlining the thesis’ structure by demonstrating how the five independent essays relate.


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