An Object-Oriented Programming Environment for Advanced Database Applications

Unland, Rainer GND; Schlageter, Gunter GND

For vartous reasons conventional database systems fail to provide appropriate support for a wide vartety of applications. Therefore, new generation database systems are being developed in some recent research efforts, among them OOPS. OOPS is an object-oriented programming system with integrated datamanagement facilities. lt is designed to especially support advanced applications, like e. g. engineering and office applications. Extensive data modelling facilities, as they are typically offered by the abstract data type concept of object-oriented languages, are enriched by advanced data management concepts. Therefore, not only abstraction mechanisms, like e.g. the concepts of classification, generalization and aggregation, are provided but also modulartty (keeping logically related things together), information hiding (hiding the implementation / internal representation of objects) and extensibility and flexibility (by allowing the modification of existing and the addition of new data types (classes) and operations). Furthermore, to especially support the semantics of applications, complex integrity constraints, exceptions, and triggers can be specified. Since all these facilities are integrated into a single language the artificial distinction between database language and programming language is eleminated.




Unland, Rainer / Schlageter, Gunter: An Object-Oriented Programming Environment for Advanced Database Applications. Hagen 1988. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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