Data Modeling for Hypermedia

Marmann, Michael; Schlageter, Gunter GND

Hypermedia systems are in a fair way to become an important information system class for a wide range of new and fascinating applications. But current systems still have some very unpleasant restrictions. For example, only very few hypermedia systems support the design of higher level hypermedia objects beyond the basic node-link paradigm; there are further restrictions concerning the modularization of the overall design and the reuse (or sharing) of hypermedia resources. In this paper we address the problems outlined above from a design-oriented point of view and present an object-oriented approach to hypermedia data modeling. In general, object-oriented (database) systems are good candidates to map the complex nature of hypermedia applications. We introduce link types with particular behaviour, a general mechanism for the sharing of hypermedia resources and the SBL-node concept as fundamental extensions of the basic hypermedia data model. SBL-nodes are composite nodes determinining structural and hehavioural properties of hypermedia subnetworks in a local environment. The hypermedia model proposed in this paper provides the basis for the implementation of a hypermedia engine prototype on top of an object-oriented database management system.




Marmann, Michael / Schlageter, Gunter: Data Modeling for Hypermedia. Hagen 1992. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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