Distributed Query Processing in SECONDO

Güting, Ralf Hartmut GND; Behr, Thomas GND

SECONDO is an open source DBMS prototype with a focus on extensible architecture and on support of spatial and spatio-temporal data, also known as moving objects or trajectories. Extensibility allows one to add collections of data types and related operations in the form of algebra modules. An algebra may provide any kind of data type from atomic types such as int or region to more complex structures such as relations or indexes. For example, SECONDO provides algebras for nested relations or raster data or indexes such as B-tree, R-tree, M-tree, X-tree, TB-tree. Many specialized algebras exist e.g. for clustering (DBScan, OPTICS), handling OpenStreet Map data, not to speak of the management of trajectories. One can formulate queries to the SECONDO kernel by writing algebraic expressions using all operations of the implemented (and activated) algebras. This is called the executable language . One can also formulate queries in an SQL dialect, using the optimizer. Starting with SECONDO 4.0, an algebra is included to support distributed query processing, using many SECONDO system instances on one or on different computers, usually one instance per avail - able core. The purpose of this document is to explain the setup of a distributed SECONDO system and the use of this algebra, the Distributed2Algebra .




Güting, Ralf / Behr, Thomas: Distributed Query Processing in SECONDO. Hagen 2016. Fernuniversität in Hagen.


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