Performance estimation of virtual duplex systems on simultaneous multithreaded processors

Fechner, Bernhard GND; Keller, Jörg GND; Sobe, Peter GND

Virtual duple x systems provide detection of transient as well as most permanent har dwar e faults by executing two ver sions of a program on a single processor in a time- shar ed manner . Previous studies on virtual duple x systems have focussed on either impr oving fault cover age or reduc- ing overhead. We build upon this work and investigate the positive influence of an underlying processor architectur e that supports par allelism in the form of multiple thr eads in har dwar e. Suc h processor architectur es are just entering the mark et, with a die area only slightly lar ger than that of a con ventional processor . A performance prediction shows that those processor s allow faster fault detection than con- ventional processor s of the same speed. Mor eover , the par - allelism can be utilized for a reco very that extends the con- cept of virtual duple x systems. Additionally , we present a tec hnique that further incr eases the abo ve mentioned gain by using prediction of the faulty ver sion in a manner similar to branc h prediction.




Fechner, Bernhard / Keller, Jörg / Sobe, Peter: Performance estimation of virtual duplex systems on simultaneous multithreaded processors. Hagen 2004. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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