The readability checker delite : technical report

Brück, Tim vor der GND; Helbig, Hermann GND; Leveling, Johannes GND

This report describes the DeLite readability checker which automatically assesses the linguistic accessibility of Web documents. The system c omputes readability scores for an arbitrary German text and highlights those parts of th e text causing difficulties with regard to readability. The highlighting is done at diffe rent linguistic levels, beginning with surface effects closely connected to morphol ogy (like complex words) down to deep semantic phenomena (like semantic ambiguity). DeLite uses advanced NLP technology realized as Web services and accessed via a cl early defined interface. The system has been trained and evaluated with 315 users vali dating a corpus of 500 texts (6135 sentences). The results of the human judgments r egarding the readability of the texts have been used as a basis for automatically learn ing the parameter settings of the DeLite component which computes the readability scor es. To demonstrate the transfer of this approach to another language (in this case t o English), a feasibility study has been carried out on the basis of a core lexicon for En glish, and the parser has been adapted to the most important linguistic phenomena of English. Finally, recommendations for further guidelines regarding the ling uistic aspects of accessibility to the Web are derived.




Brück, Tim / Helbig, Hermann / Leveling, Johannes: The readability checker delite. technical report. Hagen 2008. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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