Spatiotemporal pattern queries

Sakr, Mahmoud Attia GND; Güting, Ralf Hartmut GND

Spatiotemporal pattern queries allow for querying moving o bjects by their movement profiles. That is, one can specify for example temporal order constrai nts on the fulfillment of predicates on moving objects. We propose a complete design for spatiotemp oral pattern queries in the context of spatiotemporal DBMSs. The design builds on the well estab lished concept of lifted predicates . Hence, unlike previous approaches, it is not restricted to s pecific sets of predicates. It can express a wide range of spatiotemporal patterns including various t ypes of predicates such as kNN, range, metric, topological, set operations, aggregations, dista nce, direction, and boolean operations. Our design covers the language integration in SQL, the evaluati on of the queries, and the integration with the query optimizer. We also propose a simple language f or defining temporal constraints. The approach allows for queries that were never available. We pr ovide a complete implementation in C++ and Prolog in the context of the S ECONDO platform. The implementation is made publicly available online as a S ECONDO Plugin. We have also included in the Plugin automatic script s for repeating the experiments in this paper.




Sakr, Mahmoud / Güting, Ralf: Spatiotemporal pattern queries. Hagen 2009. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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