GMOBench : A Benchmark for Generic Moving Objects

Xu, Jianqiu GND; Güting, Ralf Hartmut GND

In this paper, we introduce a benchmark called GMOBench that aims to evaluate the performance of a database system managing moving objects in different envir onments. In real life, people’s movement can cover several environments rather than one, for example, Indoor → Walk → Bus → Walk . As a result, the complete trip needs to be managed by a database system in orde r to support novel queries. Since existing methods are limited to one environment, new technologies ar e developed in a database system that is able to manage generic moving objects. A meaningful analysis and evaluation of such a system necessitates a comprehensive benchmark. GMOBench is settled in a realisti c scenario which comprises (1) a data generator with the capability of creating a scalable set of trips repre senting the complete movement of humans (both indoor and outdoor); (2) a set of carefully designed and new b enchmark queries. The generator defines some parameters so that users can control the characteristics of results. We create the benchmark data in such a way that the dataset can mirror important characteristics and real world distributions of human mobility. Efficient data access methods are developed for query proces sing, and optimization techniques are proposed to improve the efficiency. We perform an extensive experimenta l study on comprehensive datasets to evaluate the performance of the system. The results demonstrate the effe ctiveness and efficiency of our approaches.




Xu, Jianqiu / Güting, Ralf: GMOBench. A Benchmark for Generic Moving Objects. Hagen 2012. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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