Patterns in object-oriented analysis

Blaimer, Nicolas GND; Bortfeldt, Andreas GND; Pankratz, Giselher GND

Analysis patterns have recently shown their great potential to enhance the set-up of models in object-oriented analysis. This report attempts to summarise the present state of literature on the subject of analysis patterns. It is organised in two main parts. In the first part, we present a comprehensive overview of the existing literature considering about one hundred mostly English written contributions. In the second part, we address some fundamental methodological issues related to both the creation and the application of analysis patterns. We study pattern documentation and organisation – e.g. in pattern catalogues – as important factors which the successful re-use of analysis patterns depends on. Furthermore, we consider and generalise numerous existing approaches to the application of analysis patterns. We show that all these procedures can be subsumed under two methods that are described in a formal fashion. Within the first method, patterns are integrated in the analysis model from the very first, whereas in the second method patterns are integrated only after a complete model has been established. Since the first method is of particular interest, it is illustrated by means of a substantial and nontrivial example. We also give special attention to the issue of traceability of patterns incorporated in a model, and we describe a promising approach from recent literature in detail.




Blaimer, Nicolas / Bortfeldt, Andreas / Pankratz, Giselher: Patterns in object-oriented analysis. Hagen 2010. FernUniversität in Hagen.


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