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Educational TV reloaded : Production of the cMOOC "Discover the Island of Research" (#ExIF13)

For many students in social science subjects, empirical research methods represent (partial) new ground, not only at the beginning of the lifelong learning process. It is important above all to (re-)awaken joy and interest in working scientifically and in the associated methodology. For this reason the FernUniversität in Hagen organized the cMOOC “Discover the Island of Research” (#ExIF13) in the summer semester 2013. The seven-week, videobased, German-language expedition trip followed the concept of “Educational TV reloaded”. The idea comprises the use of social media in order to complement the proven formats of (internet-based) educational television with live feedback and networking opportunities in the sense of self-controlled connectivist learning. The following article reflects on the production of the cMOOC “Discover the Island of Research” (#ExIF13). It focuses on the questions of how the cMOOC was implemented and what factors such as the production process influenced the cMOOC in the individual phases, as well as on identifying associated (production) patterns.


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