Fourth Colloquium on International Engineering Education

Bayrak, Coskun; Bowerman, Chris; Krämer, Bernd J. GND

This volume contains the proceedings of the Fourth Colloquium on International Engineering Education, which took place in May 20, 2009 at San Diego State University, California. The transatlantic consortium “International Cooperation in Ambient Computing Education” (ICACE) organized the colloquium. More information about ICACE can be obtained from This consortium, which was established to create a sustainable exchange program in engineering, is funded by the Department of Education under the program called “Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)” and The Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission ( EU-U.S. Atlantis Program -- FIPSE P116J07 and EU 2007- 2065/003-001 CPT-USMOBI). The focus of the colloquium was centered on the challenges to educate engineering students for today’s global economy and how to internationalize our current curricula. Therefore, a number of relevant presentations that address cultural, curricular, educational, and technical issues around educating global engineering workforce in this era of change were invited. The colloquium program also included testimonials of students who participated in international engineering education and student mobility efforts in the last several years as research students, interns, and students following a regular semester. The program of the colloquium is a testimony to the efforts of many dedicated individuals who were committed to the success of this event and the joint project ICACE. We start by acknowledging the host institution, San Diego State University, and Dr. Yusuf Öztürk who was responsible for setting up the program and running local organizations smoothly. We also would like to thank the members of the Program Committee and the reviewers for their great efforts in selecting the papers and Volker Winkler for assisting in the compilation of these proceedings. We hope you find the papers in this volume interesting and stimulating.




Bayrak, Coskun / Bowerman, Chris / Krämer, Bernd: Fourth Colloquium on International Engineering Education. 2009.


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