Data Protection

Treating your personal data in a responsible manner is our highest priority. With this in mind, we would to take this opportunity to let you know about the most important data protection information regarding the use of our document server deposit_hagen.

Privacy Policy – User Profile

Before you can publish a document on deposit_hagen you must either register or log in using your university-wide account. In either case, a user profile is created on deposit_hagen. Your personal data (i.e., mandatory fields such as your name and email address in addition to other information you may have provided voluntarily) will be stored and used exclusively for the purpose of providing the services offered by the document server – e.g. for sending out emails and drawing up author contracts. The document server deposit_hagen is hosted by the Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbund (GBV, the Common Library Network). In other words, your personal data will be stored on the secure server of the head office of the GBV (Verbundzentrale des GBV, or VZG). To this end, a contract has been drawn up between the University library in Hagen and the VZG on the basis of Section 11 of the NRW Data Protection Act. In line with this, your data will not be passed on to any third parties by the University Library or the VZG except in those cases prescribed by law. Before you can use the deposit_hagen publication service, you must agree to the privacy policy for the user profile. In certain exceptional cases it is also possible for the editorial team to post your publication on your behalf without creating a user profile for you. Upon request, the editorial team can remove your user profile. In this case, all of your personal data will be deleted from the server (and after one month also from the backup). The only thing that remains is the user name in the metadata in internal locations in order to make the tracking and creation of documents possible.

Usage Analysis/Usage Statistics

Analyzing the use of deposit_hagen provides us with valuable insights on how to improve our website. This includes information such as how often certain content was accessed or which browser was used on which (mobile) devices to view the website. Hagen University Library uses this stored data exclusively for statistical purposes. The data will not be used for any other purpose or passed on to third parties.

Anonymized Usage Analysis with Piwik and the AnonymizeIP Plugin

Personal data does not provide any added value when it comes to optimizing our offers. Bearing this in mind, we use the Piwik usage analysis software recommended by data protection experts for web analysis. The automatic anonymization of IP addresses with AnonymizeIP means that the data collected can no longer be assigned to specific users. This prevents usage data or usage profiles from being linked with personal data.

Specifically, we store the following anonymized information for usage analysis:

  • Browser type
  • Browser version
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system
  • Referrer URL (forwarding page)
  • Time of the server request
  • Requested page/s and file/s
  • Anonymized IP address
  • Country of origin

Objection to Data Collection by the Piwik Web Analysis Software

Here you can decide whether you agree to the collection and analysis of the statistical data described above by Hagen University Library. If you deactivate the field (checkbox), your data will not be recorded or stored. Please note that if you have activated the automatic deletion of cookies in your browser, the deactivation cookie will also be deleted every time you exit the program. In this case, you must object to data collection again each time you visit deposit_hagen. Also: if you use a different computer or a different web browser, you must object to the collection of your data again.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies can be used to exchange information between computer programs or to store information for a limited period of time. Cookies can only be stored if you have not blocked this option in your browser settings. deposit_hagen uses cookies sparingly. This means that you can also view this website without cookies. The cookies used on this website have two different functions: Some of the cookies used are to ensure that the website functions and is displayed correctly. These cookies are only valid during your visit to the website. As soon as you close your browser, these “session cookies” are deleted. One exception is the cookie that causes the data protection notice to be displayed. To ensure that the notice is not displayed every time you visit, this cookie remains valid for three months.

The other cookies used on this website are set by the Piwik usage analysis software (see above). Depending on whether you have consented or objected to the collection of data, Piwik will store either two web analysis cookies or a deactivation cookie on your computer. The web analysis cookies expire when you close the browser. The Piwik deactivation cookie remains valid for two years if you do not delete it beforehand.

German Library Statistics

The University Library of the FernUniversität in Hagen (UB) logs the amount of visits to its website as part of its participation in the German Library Statistics: every time the homepage (, the online catalog ( and the university publication server ( are accessed, an identifier of the library and the relevant page, the time of access and a signature of the accessing computer are stored. The signature is created using a one-way function based on the IP address, browser identification and proxy information. This data is collected, stored and evaluated in pseudonymized form, i.e. the signature cannot be assigned to a specific person. The IP address is not stored. The pseudonymous individual data is aggregated after 24 hours (at the latest) and thereby anonymized.

The stored data is statistically evaluated to enable us to (re)design and further develop the University Library’s website in line user with requirements. The data is used solely for this purpose and is deleted directly after the evaluation.

The Stuttgart Media University has been commissioned with the technical and organizational implementation of this process. It has developed the procedure in accordance with the statutory provisions of data protection laws and the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and has undertaken to comply with them.

You have the option to object to the collection, processing and use of the aforementioned data by clicking on the following external link. For this purpose, a temporary cookie (also known as a session cookie) is set in your browser. This is called ‘optout‘ and is set by ‘‘ This cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser. After restarting the browser, you must re-declare your objection by clicking on the link again. A temporary cookie is used because the setting of a permanent cookie would violate the data protection requirements of EU Directive 2009/136/EC.