Our Service

The deposit_hagen document server operated by the FernUniversität in Hagen is a service provided by the University Library with the aim of enabling members and affiliates of the FernUniversität to publish their scientific publications. In addition, the FernUniversität offers its digital collections via the document server.

Publishing via deposit_hagen provides you with the following:

  • quality-assured long-term electronic availability and the associated permanent citation capability of your primary and secondary publications
  • the indexing of your online dissertation in the University Library catalog
  • notification of your first publications to the German National Library

The advantages for you:

  • Advice and support on all issues relating to “electronic publications” and ”hybrid publications” (simultaneous publication of print and online versions)
  • Improved searchability and findability of your documents through search engines
  • Increased visibility of your scientific publications
  • Savings on the costs of printed deposit copies of dissertations
  • Possibility of publishing outstanding student work on the recommendation of the examiners

Download the deposit_hagen information brochure: